About Kevin Weiss

    Kevin Weiss, About’s bike guru seems knowledgeable about cycling; in
fact, he is knowledgeable enough to know that money from ads is more
important than safety. He does not speak out clearly about the danger
of child seats on bicycles. There is no way to make the seats safe. The
bicycle falls over and BANG the child hits the pavement. Trailers are
the safest way to transport small children by bicycle. If a parent on
the bicycle falls over the trailer remains upright and the child is
safe. Think about it; use your commonsense. I also suggest that
pediatricians and the League of American Bicyclists should also speak
out about this. Cycling is dangerous enough without the added risk of
carrying children in bicycle seats.
I have to amend this statement about Kevin Weiss. He still has not come
out and said that bicycle seats on back for children are dangerous;
although he has written about bicycle trailers. I hope that he sells a
lot of them. I hope that he makes a plea for parents, teachers,
pediatricians, and the League of American Bicyclists to discourage
their use. See

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