Copy and Paste Security

This a tip for the ultra-security conscious.
Do not keep passwords for internet banking, license codes, social
security number, or credit and debit card numbers on your internet
connected hard drive. Buy a USB flash drive and store those sensitive
numbers and codes on it; only connect to a usb port when you intend to
use codes and passwords. Copy and Paste your username and password or
code into the form; that way keyloggers cannot record keystrokes. I
have two flash drives: a 128 MB one for the frequently used passwords
and codes; a 1 GB for all of them. This is more secure than having this
sensitive data encrypted on your hard drive; also you may encrypt the
data on your flash drive. Keep the flash drive in a safe place. Keep
mine on a chain around my neck under my shirt; at home I them in a
locked safe when not using them.
Remember: alway COPY and PASTE to the forms.
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