I am a loyal American.


Dear folk

I am a loyal American. I would never burn an American flag for protest; although I would burn it in accordance with the rules for retiring a flag. I say this with stern loyalty to the spirit of America, to its freedoms, that if this amendment is ratified, I will load my flintlock and defend the right of those mean or angry creatures who do burn the flag in protest to do so. We decry the mechanisms that fascist states use to stifle dissent, yet in this some of us wish to add one to our Constitution.

I propose one solution. We should make one Flag. We should use the very best materials and craftmanship in its creation. We then place it in an enclosed container, along with the official American flags from our past history, in the Capitol building. Then we pass a law stating that these original Flags may not be desecrated. All other flags thus become copies of the originals, not Flags. Let contrary folk do anything that they wish to them; these are not the Flag. Does England have a law forbidding the burning of a picture of the queen? If it does, it should not. It does, I’m sure, have laws forbidding the burning of the queen. We can enact laws banning the desecration of that one true flag on exhibit in Washington.

affably, a patriot,



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