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I prescribe that all Americans read The Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), The Beatitudes, and Friedrich A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom.

Some folk seem hell-bent on the enslavement of everyone.

If you voted for Bush and his Democratic rival the first time, you were a fool; if you voted for Bush a second time, you are a fascist. I don’t suffer fools and some of my political ancestors shot fascists. I am an intellectual wimp because I still believe that truth talk can convince fascists in training to read the U.S.Constitution and follow it.

Liberal ain’t a bad word, especially if public liberals practice that humane art in private.

Conservative ain’t the way it’s practiced today; it’s properly an admix of living the ethical life and the  the libertarian ideal of not fracking with other folk. It certainly ain’t the use of the government to to frack other folk.

Most folk today who call themselves conservatives – mostly Republicans, and some Democrats – live something else, lie to us, lie to themselves, and endanger the republic. You know in your brain that this is true, unless you share their delusion.

You know that we have a problem when the only senators I trust completely are Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, and Susan Collins, the only representatives I trust are Ron Paul and Barney Frank. I know that most of you cannot see that this is not a contradiction or paradox.

In case you want to know, I am a Republican. I evolved from conservative to libertarian. I believe in simplicities and the acts of many today confirm me in my simplicites.  Liberals want to force you to spend your money their way and conservatives want to control how you have sex and with whom. Except today there is an anomaly, the Republicans, especially ones called to conservatism, have spent our money like it was theirs, and spent it with their business partners. They will ignore a true sexual crime to retain a seat.

Representative Tom Davis what in the living hell is wrong with you? Your statement at the CIA Leak Investigation and questions later are a brain fart that defies rational examination.

How about a fusion ticket? Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders? Either way. Or if you really want to retain the Republicans and Democratics, how about Senator Susan Collins and Representative Ron Paul versus Senator Barack Obama and Senator Bernie Sanders (If elected they must nominate Barney Frank for Attorney-General, later to the Court). These are my picks for 2008. With these we win either way.

I don’t expect the parties or electorate to behave rationally and humane.

I plan to seance with Tom Paine and clean my ancestor’s flintlock.

If I can’t have my tropes, I’ve been sold a bill of rights rotted.

u s a

truth lecture
no right left
s a          

o moral jonah
tom jefferson
morale erects
s a          

 thomas jeffer-
sonian sexual
assault beget
s a          

© 2006 Thomas Elias Weatherly

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