I Forgive Imus

I forgive Imus.

I forgive Imus and I want him off radio and television. I will not buy any product made and sold by a company that buys advertising on any show with Imus. I may even extend that to shows which have him as a guest.

He is not a satirist like Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, or Colbert, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Mort Sahl, or Lenny Bruce. You understand, whether it is Juvenalian or Horatian satire, the point of their satires even when they use race, gender, sexuality, religion, et cetera.

Imus does not just attack evils in the society, committed by institutions, government entities, or public figures from entertainment, politics, social, and religious institutions. Often he spouts sexist, racist, and homophobic drivel which he spuriously calls humor. It has no point, no lesson for us, no attempt to point out an evil. He does not hold up our foibles in the light for us to see. His spurious satire or humor ain’t funny, except to a racist. That’s because it is racist. I don’t care how much good he has done.

Rev. Sharpton would be a legit target; Rev. Jackson would be a legit target. They are public figures. They are flawed, especially Rev.Sharpton.

Hiphop artists are legit targets.

The priests who molested children and the church officials who covered up the misdeed are legit targets. The liturgy and creeds, no matter how silly one thinks, are not legit targets, unless that religion attempts to impose them on others and into public policy. Then it is the attempt to impose their creed that is targetable.

Actors who take ideological political positions in public are legit targets for satire and humor.  Any public figure who tries to affect public policy is open to be satirized.

Those young women were not legit targets, except for a program about how people can achieve in this society. Imus did not see that. He saw race and he saw loose women probably because of their race.

It is an unfortunate fact that most racists in American society are good people.

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