What matters is stronger

What matters is stronger than what does not matter;
it seems that we come from the tough side
of the universal tracks. That seems to be so,
according to a team of scientists at the Stanford Linear
Accelerator Center, in Palo Alto, California. They arranged
a rumble between antimatter particles and matter particles,
and  some matter was left. So matter is tougher,
according to them, than antimatter: that is why we have
the universe; that is why we have life.
So it seems that god
favors matter over antimatter; god favors life over anti-life.




The creation is such a wondrous phenomenon to contemplate;
it stimulates the imagination of all, except those humans
numbed by opiates or ennui. Imagine the effects on one inspired
and animated by poetry.
If it, the matter of the universe, is the result of an accident,
a chance occurrence, it is a magnificent one. That accident
would be worthy of reverence. I do know that intelligence
could not produce such a result.
I agree with the line of thought from the Rambam: we can
only know what God is not.
From that premise, we may say that God is not
intelligent. What caused and operates the creation
is transcendent. It is beyond intelligence. The concept
intelligence we use for more mundane beings. We know from observations
of the produce of human intellect that the creator is above intelligence. 
We may not know the substance of transcendence, it is beyond
our ken, but we know what we don’t know and name it god, tao, or transcendence.
We may make the leap of faith and poetic license
to say that God does not like anti-life as much as it likes life.
Moral principles have been based on less.
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