We Are Officially a Police State

We are officially a police state. Go read your history of the Nazi and Soviet regimes, how they protected their states, and you can see the parallels with present practices of the American state. Yes, the American state, not just the Bush administration. We are all culpable either by our political actions or inaction. We deserve a police state. For those who oppose the actions of this administration on our behalf, you did not oppose it strenuously enough. For those who approved, you are fools, fascists, or practitioners of the most profound self deception. We all deserve what happened and what happens next. The vote to approve retroactive telecom immunity and to make legit warrantless intrusion into our lives limns our national character as something alien and ugly.

I recommend that all members of the house and senate who voted for this bill should be defeated in their next election. That includes Senator Obama. Senator McCain should also be defeated because he wimped out and did not vote. I am a Republican libertarian who originally supported Representative Ron Paul, but after the Republican hierarchy ignored and marginalized Representative Paul I was planning to support and vote for Senator Obama as the least objectionable candidate. I have changed my mind! I may support and vote for former congressman Bob Barr or some other third party candidate. Senator Obama cares more about winning than for the U.S.Constitution and the liberties of Americans. I have lost all enthusiasm for his candidacy and had none for Senator McCain.

I have to ask the the questions: Are we now fascist because of the remote chance we may be victims of a terrorist plot? Have we always been closet fascists?

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One Response to We Are Officially a Police State

  1. human being says:

    When things look bad, try to think of something good. The flowers are still blooming, and the world is still turning, which are both amazing events.

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