There are still some crazy white people

There are still some crazy white people who act as if white is more important an affiliation than American is to them. I have been listening to many of them  express distrust and some repeat the lies of the campaign, that President Elect Obama is a terrorist, a Muslim, as if that is an insult, and finally cite concern that he has connections to anti American individuals who hate America.  I must mention that my state still has 60% people who, if not racist, still believe him to be guilty by association of being  a Muslim, of consorting with terrorists. It may be just the people who are frustrated  and  may  harbor some racist attitudes. I don’t know that we can do anything about them, except to wait until they die.  Some of this tribe of thought will be replaced by some of their children who grow up in a racist household. I hope that the thoughtful grow to majority. My hypothesis that black folk do not simply vote for black candidates: I do not believe that Thomas Sowell would get a majority of the black vote.

I am encouraged that more while who apparently don’t think white, think American, who elected President Elect Obama. I didn’t  completely trust the American people, didn’t expect a significant number to be ready to vote for a black man, even one not emphasizing black. I owe them an apology. I apologize without using the crutch of my experience of over sixty years living in America, in Alabama. Alabama rejected Obama by 60% to 40%, but I salute that 40% which has to include a majority of formerly white ( I call them because American is the more important tribe.) people. I am surprised that he got the 40% in Alabama.

I give props to those Americans who could move beyond race, see beyond the spurious charges, and vote for Obama. I give props to those crazy white folk who are not white to me anymore.

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