To First Lady Michele Obama

Dear First Lady Michele Obama:

I include the letter that I wrote and shall mail tomorrow to Mesdames Bonnie McCarvel, executive director of the Mid-America CropLife Association, and Janet Braun, CropLife Ambassador coordinator.
I have to acknowledge that you are their muse; I recognize that there is no better muse than you, dear Lady.

The letter:

Mesdames Bonnie McCarvel and Janet Braun:

I read your letter to First Lady Michele Obama and laughed so hard that I succumbed to an attack of the hiccups. It is obvious that you are satirists on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. I commend Mr. Stewart for such superb satirists. He recognizes and hires talented comedians. I admire your pointed barbs aimed at the chemical industry; they are true to the mark. I laugh every time that I read the letter. You two are assured of a successful career in comedy.

When a cable network signs you for a comedy special
and, I hope, a comedy series, please notify me. I will watch it dutifully and recommend it to my kin, kith, and friends.


Thomas Elias Weatherly

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