The argument that a government run
single payer health care system introduces socialism is false; it is designed to
evoke negative, un thoughtful responses from American citizens.

A government run single payer system
is not socialist.

Single services are ideologically

Socialism ideally is the people
through the instrument of the state owning all the means of production. I am a
libertarian, enough said.

Law enforcement and protection is a
service that the government runs and government is the single payer. That does
not prevent private for profit companies from doing business. There are private
detective firms and security firms to fill the niche that public law enforcement
cannot. It is the same for sanitation; it is the same for fire to a lesser

Health care is another necessary
service that a society cannot leave to private business exclusively. A society
needs to guarantee that all individuals have food, clothing, shelter, and health
care to be able to work. The first three are mentioned as necessary in the right
wing classic, The Road To Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek (recipient of the
Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1974), as necessary in a successful
capitalist society. I do not believe that my addition of health care moves
beyond the idea of what is needed for an individual to be able to work.

I have Medicare and a Medicare
supplement; the latter I buy from a private business. The Medicare supplement
plan from a private for profit company fortifies and enhances my Medicare. 

The government single payer plan will
not cover all; there is a niche for private companies to provide a single payer

What is does is break the monopoly
that business has on health care. What is does is remove the for profit motive
as the only model.

The profit model encourages company
bureaucrats to deny legitimate claims and reject people with prior illnesses to
increase profits. They spend monies to lobby congress best spent in research and
health services.

The people who tell you that a
service is socialist are liars; if not liars they have been duped too by people
who put profit above your health. If a single payer health care service is
socialist, then your local police force, fire department, nationally the F.B.I.,
Secret Service, and Customs and Border Protection are socialist.

Socialism is all services, all
businesses run by the state for the people. I don’t want that. I would oppose
that with all my will and strength.

I want the basic health care run
without the profit motive, patient centric, and a single payer which simplifies
and removes the bureaucratic mess we have now. Private business can compete
among themselves to offer the best enhancements in their supplements.

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