I am radically opposed to abortion

First, I am radically opposed to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.
It is a moral stand. I would not date or marry a woman who would have an

There is only one relevant fact in the abortion debate: each woman owns her

My morality should not be enacted into law or even be in the discussion of
public policy. Folk have freedom of speech so I know that it will be discussed
publicly. I know that some folk will try to impose their morality on others.

The economic, political, and philosophical basis of our republic is that each
person owns self; therefore no one, no group, and no state can enslave the
person, the individual. The state cannot condone slavery, therefore it cannot
force her to carry to birth another human life. The moral argument is irrelevant
in our society. It may be relevant in discussions of morality, but not our civil
public sphere. It is unconstitutional now for the state to outright outlaw

According to our founding principles it would contradict them to amend the
constitution to outlaw abortion. To amend the Constitution to allow the state to
outlaw abortion would reduce women to slavery. That should be resisted by all
necessary force, even force of arms.

I keep my flintlock loaded by the door when I hear folk speak of the
enslavement of any individual or group.

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