President Obama half steps

President Obama half steps
like a fetchit in this drama
of healthcare debate.

President Obama lead Democrats, progressives and blue dogs,
and Republicans to write a bill
similar to Medicare.

Private insurers fight against government single payer plan
with misdirection and lies
because profit driven plans
can’t compete with a non profit
plans, especially
one with the full clout
of American people behind it.

United Healthcare doesn’t apologize for its clout.
United Healthcare does not apologize for its clout.
We sing the blues because of their clout.

Unfair to them, fair to the American public,
a government run single payer plan
will insure the uninsured, the underinsured,
and save money.
No mandates for private insurers, no mention of
them in the bill, they can offer supplemental
insurance with enhancements to the single payer plan
as done now with Medicare.

The Congressional Budget Office reckons right,
the half assed bills discussed and considered now in the house
and senate do not save money, do not pay for themselves.
Only a non profit national single payer system will save money and pay for itself.

President Obama, house, and senate
don’t cripple the bill, allow it
to compete with its strength, the full clout
of the American people the true
government. We elected you and we
expect you to stop half stepping.

Include graduated premiums, perhaps
attract more clients than the poor, working poor,
and the middle class. The wealthier can pay more
and still pay lower premiums for the coverage
than private for profit plans can offer.

Make the private for profit plans prove they can offer more
and better
than a government run healthcare plan.
The choice
of a single payer plan
or one of the private plans must be voluntary.

Establish medical academies
similar to the martial academies
like West Point, without the drills,
so that graduates do not begin
their practice of medicine in debt.
Graduates pay for their education
with four years of service
to the nation in under served areas
or the military.

President Obama we need healthcare revolution not tepid reform;
we need radical change, not small change.

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