Who Should Manage Cyber Security?

Cult of the Dead Cow (Lubbock, TX) or Subliminal Insidious Network (Richmond, VA)  would be better than the NSA, DOD, Air Force, CIA, or any government agency, except, perhaps, the NIST. I trust CDC and SIN more. They also have the expertise. Both I suspect have some of the best security operators in existence. They are non government; although I also suspect that they may have members who have worked for government and corporations.

I must mention one weakness in our cyber security, the home users connected to the www. whose computers may be wielded as weapons without their knowledge. That last is the reason why transparency is necessary. The NIST is the best agency to coordinate ‘net security, with an advisory role for other interested agencies, including the intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

The reason I practice prescience paranoia about security is my concern about cyber security, and use good ‘net habits, in addition to a hardened system, best security applications, check on patches for all applications almost daily, including sandboxed surfing and e-mail. I learned these from the private sector, but with knowledge also from Berkeley Lab Procedures for  Securing  XP Systems.  There are many sources, but it would be necessary for one source for business, government, and home users for a serious cyber security.

I don’t believe that many other governments would trust the cooperation proposals from our intelligence agencies. I certainly would not trust their intelligence agencies. BUT I don’t even trust my intelligence agencies. They have spied on honest citizens for spurious national security reasons.

I trust CDC and SIN. They have cracked foreign networks. They have advised how to secure ours.
I recognize that it must be a government agency along with a private entity, say Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton University, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Washington,
University of Wisconsin at Madison, or University of Texas at Austin. All excellent choices to work with NIST – and Cult of the Dead Cow and Subliminal Insidious Network.

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