Anita Hill and Justice Thomas fairytale

This hypothesis does not rise above rumor.

Justice Thomas and Professor Hill had an ongoing affair; neither one could  admit it then or now.

Professor Hill’s reputation and career would have suffered damage; she would not have a future career in law. Justice Thomas would not have been confirmed for the Supreme Court, and possibly face a politically connected vindictive wife.

Race would shake out as white wife versus black mistress.

I was told this version by three sources, one Democrat, and two Republicans; yet each of the sources have advantage to gain, they believe, to circulate a lie.  I have tried to examine if the known facts, not the accusations from both sides, fit the hypothesis.  I have not been able to confirm even a jot of it.

Two of my sources did not repeat the story after I said, I will publish your names to see if someone else offers confirmation. They remain mute and unfriendly. They threaten to sue. One threatened to sue even if I did this. That source has not sued. The third source is dead.

Has anyone else heard this hypothesis?

I don’t believe that either Justice Thomas or Professor Hill told the whole truth. I don’t believe that they were in an affair. Professor Hill does not seem to have such bad taste. Perhaps I like her, so she can’t, in my brain, choose such a person.

I like this as a made for television movie, but I don’t believe it happened. I don’t believe Justice Thomas’ version or Professor Hill’s version

I am in high dudgeon, of course, and high egoism.

If any person has documented evidence to contribute please arrange a meet with me.

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