New Form: double Glory

Weatherly wrote this double glory times as an improvisation on the blues line
“never muted heart,” the preamble to wally, an improvisation in several sections dedicated to Wallace Stevens and with allusions from The Man With the Blue Guitar,  with influences of rhythm and blues, jazz, and vocalese (respect to Eddie Jefferson, Betty Carter, King Pleasure, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross, also Manhattan Transfer).

never muted heart
never muted heart
eclectic blues guitar

(C)2006 Thomas Elias Weatherly

něv    ər my       tĭd   härt

něv    ər my        tĭd   härt

ĭ   klěk  tĭk  blz   gĭ     tär


         truly alone muley
         knows truce death music
         never muted heart
         knows moody brute hurts
         human blows sound blues

(C)2006 Thomas Elias Weatherly

short history of the saxophone, Groundwater Press, Hudson NY, 2006

a x x b a x
x a x a x
x x a x c
x a x a c
a x b x a

tr      lē    ə    lōn    my       lē

nōz    trs     děth my       zĭk

něv         ər  my        tĭd       härt

nōz      m       dē     brt      hûrtz

hy      mən    blōz      sound blz

The rhyme begins at both ends and moves toward the center and back out toward the beginning and end. The poem written in syllabic prosody, a pattern of the number of syllables, deploys lines of the same number of syllables, with one exception. That one exception does not break the rule. The rhymes in the main pattern identical rhyme, true rhyme and assonance plays against two consonant rhymes heart/hurts.

The  phonetic depiction shows the musical nature of his composition. He is Tom Campian; he is not Ben Jonson, though he claims both.

(C)2011 Thomas Elias Weatherly

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