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Gun proposal

Require sheriff departments, police, and National Guard to run shooting clinics for folk who wish to kill other folk. Clinics will increase their accuracy and decrease collateral damage. Gunmen will only kill intended victims and leave bystanders standing. We will … Continue reading

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Coochie recipe, Aristophanes & Willie Dixon

LYSISTRATA: There are a lot of things about us women That sadden me, considering how men See us as rascals. CALONICE: As indeed we are! I propose to women a way to keep male legislators out of your wombs, keep … Continue reading

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Food feeds thought.

This space used in the future to food information, perhaps helpful to folk, like me, who struggle to afford food. I realize that we cannot depend upon government to provide for us, sometimes because it’s been high jacked by the … Continue reading

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New Form: double Glory

Weatherly wrote this double glory times as an improvisation on the blues line “never muted heart,” the preamble to wally, an improvisation in several sections dedicated to Wallace Stevens and with allusions from The Man With the Blue Guitar,  with … Continue reading

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I type and cuss

I read the stories of Repuglicans misbehaving in several states, not just in Alabama, I get pissed. I don’t mean drunk, even on my own spirit. I type and cuss. I cuss the electorate for electing these fools, except the … Continue reading

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Lire des poèmes à haute voix.

Lire des poèmes à haute voix. Sentez-vous le changement de tonalité dans la bouche. Écoutez. Il est tactile et auditive. trivet i have means at my disposal moons never used until the tiger moans bama mines where i exhume grave … Continue reading

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And again white folk own up to reparations And again white folk own up to reparations as a title may attract some attention, wanted attention. On first glance the apparent topic may attract attention because it seems racial, but I believe that all parentless children should be … Continue reading

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Anita Hill and Justice Thomas fairytale

This hypothesis does not rise above rumor. Justice Thomas and Professor Hill had an ongoing affair; neither one could  admit it then or now. Professor Hill’s reputation and career would have suffered damage; she would not have a future career … Continue reading

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Who Should Manage Cyber Security?

Cult of the Dead Cow (Lubbock, TX) or Subliminal Insidious Network (Richmond, VA)  would be better than the NSA, DOD, Air Force, CIA, or any government agency, except, perhaps, the NIST. I trust CDC and SIN more. They also have … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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