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Lire des poèmes à haute voix.

Lire des poèmes à haute voix. Sentez-vous le changement de tonalité dans la bouche. Écoutez. Il est tactile et auditive. trivet i have means at my disposal moons never used until the tiger moans bama mines where i exhume grave … Continue reading

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never muted heartnever muted hearteclectic blues guitar brutes reward wild westart invention the foolsmeant to true the heart invent improvement artsmartyrs choose a heavenmeant to true the heart in death brute’s rewardan artful western musicmeant to true the heart tulip … Continue reading

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short history of the saxophone

triage suffering makes us specialo hear the darkies croon from hills of alabama to mountains of the moon some seed of abraham hebrew christian muslim dream to grow up nazi suffering makes us special one genus one species one specific … Continue reading

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      times truly alone muleyknows truce death musicnever muted heartknows moody brute hurtshuman blows sound blues weatherly © 2006 Thomas Elias Weatherly

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Prosody: levantine

  Ŏl’   ĭv    oil’ tōō   ə     nointroi   ələnd   prŎf  ĭtlītthə   shăkĕn    līt   nthə   păl   ĭs

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