Val Avery

I saw Val Avery during the fifties and sixties on the television shows my family watched. Then later I saw him in movies, some good, some great, and some movies not so good, but he always gave a notable performance. He appeared on The Mod Squad, Naked City, Peter Gunn, The Circle Theater, the venerable Hallmark Hall of Fame, Have Gun Will Travel, Tales of Wells Fargo, and Gunsmoke. I saw more productions with him in them than any of the stars during my youth, and that was my introduction to him one afternoon in the Head.  He was neighborhood, a guy, friendly, and humane – funny too.

He was among my favorite notables from the first and second cohorts of the Head.

Even after the Lion’s Head died for the last time, I saw Val occasionally through the years.

I still see him on television. If there was a search function on cable to search by actor, there would every day probably be a series or movie with Val Avery.  I will miss him, and not miss him unless cable dies.

He is my favorite character actor.

He is my favorite actor.

He was a nice, friendly man who could play a thug. His humanity was gangster. Yep.

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IHOP plays chicken with the humane

IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, in Huntsville, Alabama is my favorite eating place. I meet friends there. One friend and I usually eat there together once a month. The waiters are friendly and competent; the manager always ready to right any mistake in a friendly, homespun manner. I have a habit of eating one item, the same item each time. I order the spinach omelet; of course, you get pancakes. Their coffee is okay. This is a good evaluation from someone who grinds his own beans and makes coffee in a French Press at home. I drink my coffee black no sweetener.

Now I have the knowledge from many sources, including Bill Maher who I respect, that IHOP gets its eggs from a source that crowds the hens into tiny filthy space shared with other hens. That the conditions are dirty and cramped is asserted by the Humane Society. They back their assertions with facts.

I have a personal relationship with an Ihop here in Huntsville, Alabama; they are friendly an respectful to me and my friends.
I called the IHOP customer line –
866-444-5144 –
this morning to state my concerns and hope that they would switch to eggs from cage free hens. The woman who answered, though not belligerent, was adversarial. She stated that experts disagreed on how livestock was to be treated. She had not had her coffee this morn.

I am upset mainly for the inconvenience. I have to find another coffee shop to eat out in.

Visit the Humane Society’s computers for more information, link below:

Understand, it is not only the humane treatment of the egg laying hens; dirty conditions introduce the possibility of disease. I want to eat in a place where the sources of livestock are clean and humane. I don’t want IHOP to poison me or anyone else.

Call them and protest if you agree.

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never muted heart
never muted heart
eclectic blues guitar

brutes reward wild west
art invention the fools
meant to true the heart

invent improvement arts
martyrs choose a heaven
meant to true the heart

in death brute’s reward
an artful western music
meant to true the heart

tulip petal larvae
tulip petal larvae
eclectic blues guitar

never muted heart
eclectic blues guitar
artsy belly tunes
ablutions western art
hoodoo bard from heaven

eclectic blues guitar
eclectic blues guitar
never muted heart

never muted heart
eclectic blues guitar
hardon belly groove
move your heady arse
hoodoo bard from heaven                        

levee music darky
levee music darky
eclectic blues guitar

every movie darky
every movie darky
eclectic blues guitar



© 2006 Thomas Elias Weatherly
short history of the saxophone

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President Obama half steps

President Obama half steps
like a fetchit in this drama
of healthcare debate.

President Obama lead Democrats, progressives and blue dogs,
and Republicans to write a bill
similar to Medicare.

Private insurers fight against government single payer plan
with misdirection and lies
because profit driven plans
can’t compete with a non profit
plans, especially
one with the full clout
of American people behind it.

United Healthcare doesn’t apologize for its clout.
United Healthcare does not apologize for its clout.
We sing the blues because of their clout.

Unfair to them, fair to the American public,
a government run single payer plan
will insure the uninsured, the underinsured,
and save money.
No mandates for private insurers, no mention of
them in the bill, they can offer supplemental
insurance with enhancements to the single payer plan
as done now with Medicare.

The Congressional Budget Office reckons right,
the half assed bills discussed and considered now in the house
and senate do not save money, do not pay for themselves.
Only a non profit national single payer system will save money and pay for itself.

President Obama, house, and senate
don’t cripple the bill, allow it
to compete with its strength, the full clout
of the American people the true
government. We elected you and we
expect you to stop half stepping.

Include graduated premiums, perhaps
attract more clients than the poor, working poor,
and the middle class. The wealthier can pay more
and still pay lower premiums for the coverage
than private for profit plans can offer.

Make the private for profit plans prove they can offer more
and better
than a government run healthcare plan.
The choice
of a single payer plan
or one of the private plans must be voluntary.

Establish medical academies
similar to the martial academies
like West Point, without the drills,
so that graduates do not begin
their practice of medicine in debt.
Graduates pay for their education
with four years of service
to the nation in under served areas
or the military.

President Obama we need healthcare revolution not tepid reform;
we need radical change, not small change.

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Single Payer

Single Payer

Private insurers will lose market control and enormous profits, so
they deploy lies to thwart a public plan, especially a non profit government
single payer plan. They argue that it leads to socialism.

Socialism, the people own, through the instrument of government, ALL
businesses and services. No private fire, sanitation, security, or healthcare in
socialism. No private services or businesses in socialism.

Services are not socialist, capitalist, monarchal, or any ideology of
government. Services are not ideological even when the government is the single

Law enforcement in our capitalist economy is a single payer service,
yet we do not forbid private detective and security firms. Sanitation another
service in which government is the single payer, but we have private sanitation
firms. So with fire, the government is the single payer.

Is the single payer police service socialist? Fire? Sanitation?

If single payer government run healthcare is socialist, then police,
sanitation, and fire government run services are also socialist.

Too many for profit private insurers divert money from payment of
claims, research, and preventive care to pay their investors dividends, for ads,
high salaries for executives, and lobbyists to influence congress folk to pass
laws favorable for them. Some private insurers reject or delay payment of claims
to increase their profits. Many do not cover prior medical conditions.

A government run non profit single payer plan will use most  of its
income for research, preventive care, and claims. It will cover prior
conditions. These are the dividends paid to the American public.

I have Medicare, a government run single payer plan, and a Medicare
Supplement plan, a private business run plan that enhances the Medicare. Public
and private coexist and complement.

I am a libertarian.


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I am radically opposed to abortion

First, I am radically opposed to abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.
It is a moral stand. I would not date or marry a woman who would have an

There is only one relevant fact in the abortion debate: each woman owns her

My morality should not be enacted into law or even be in the discussion of
public policy. Folk have freedom of speech so I know that it will be discussed
publicly. I know that some folk will try to impose their morality on others.

The economic, political, and philosophical basis of our republic is that each
person owns self; therefore no one, no group, and no state can enslave the
person, the individual. The state cannot condone slavery, therefore it cannot
force her to carry to birth another human life. The moral argument is irrelevant
in our society. It may be relevant in discussions of morality, but not our civil
public sphere. It is unconstitutional now for the state to outright outlaw

According to our founding principles it would contradict them to amend the
constitution to outlaw abortion. To amend the Constitution to allow the state to
outlaw abortion would reduce women to slavery. That should be resisted by all
necessary force, even force of arms.

I keep my flintlock loaded by the door when I hear folk speak of the
enslavement of any individual or group.

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The argument that a government run
single payer health care system introduces socialism is false; it is designed to
evoke negative, un thoughtful responses from American citizens.

A government run single payer system
is not socialist.

Single services are ideologically

Socialism ideally is the people
through the instrument of the state owning all the means of production. I am a
libertarian, enough said.

Law enforcement and protection is a
service that the government runs and government is the single payer. That does
not prevent private for profit companies from doing business. There are private
detective firms and security firms to fill the niche that public law enforcement
cannot. It is the same for sanitation; it is the same for fire to a lesser

Health care is another necessary
service that a society cannot leave to private business exclusively. A society
needs to guarantee that all individuals have food, clothing, shelter, and health
care to be able to work. The first three are mentioned as necessary in the right
wing classic, The Road To Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek (recipient of the
Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1974), as necessary in a successful
capitalist society. I do not believe that my addition of health care moves
beyond the idea of what is needed for an individual to be able to work.

I have Medicare and a Medicare
supplement; the latter I buy from a private business. The Medicare supplement
plan from a private for profit company fortifies and enhances my Medicare. 

The government single payer plan will
not cover all; there is a niche for private companies to provide a single payer

What is does is break the monopoly
that business has on health care. What is does is remove the for profit motive
as the only model.

The profit model encourages company
bureaucrats to deny legitimate claims and reject people with prior illnesses to
increase profits. They spend monies to lobby congress best spent in research and
health services.

The people who tell you that a
service is socialist are liars; if not liars they have been duped too by people
who put profit above your health. If a single payer health care service is
socialist, then your local police force, fire department, nationally the F.B.I.,
Secret Service, and Customs and Border Protection are socialist.

Socialism is all services, all
businesses run by the state for the people. I don’t want that. I would oppose
that with all my will and strength.

I want the basic health care run
without the profit motive, patient centric, and a single payer which simplifies
and removes the bureaucratic mess we have now. Private business can compete
among themselves to offer the best enhancements in their supplements.

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Why We Need a Public Health-Care Plan

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On XP Pro I run Online Armor Premium, NOD32, and Sandboxie.

On XP Pro I run Online Armor Premium, NOD32, and Sandboxie. Sandboxie has a setting to improve its cooperation with Online Armor; Online Armor has a setting that improves its work with NOD32. NOD32 is designed to work with other security programs. With these three programs you do not need any other, except your human brain, and some on demand scanners and rootkit diagnostic programs if you are as paranoid as I am. The human brain can protect from social engineering or make the system weaker. 
If you have Online Armor and Sandboxie, Sandboxie’s default has the Online Armor already checked.  If you have OA with antivirus its even simpler I suppose.
I don’t know the reason that Ronen Tzur , creator of Sandboxie, provided a process to cooperate with Online Armor; perhaps Sandboxie will detect and cooperate with other firewalls too. I will ask him through his forum.
I note that Ronen Tzur, Tallemu, and Eset are not the big boys.  I believe that their products show that there is genius, technical expertise, and artistry in their creation.  Excuse me, I tend to develop crushes on companies that make good programs.  I apologize.

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We have torturers among us

 We have torturers among us and we should  investigate them; if we find
evidence agin ’em, indict them, try them; if they are found guilty, put
them in prison. It would not constitute punishing opinion; it would
simply mean breaking the law.

President Obama is wrong.

It is not his call though. Attorney General Holder is the one to decide
whether there is a breach of the law, and if there is enough evidence
to prosecute the alleged torturers. The ex president and vice president
should be investigated. They may have violated the law and
Constitution. I say that they did both; so did others in the Bush

If the torturers are not punished I will not have respect for American
law and justice, but my response is to try to vote the rascals out who
will not pursue lawbreakers.

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