Gun proposal

Require sheriff departments, police, and National Guard to run shooting clinics for folk who wish to kill other folk.
Clinics will increase their accuracy and decrease collateral damage. Gunmen will only kill intended victims and leave bystanders standing.
We will not prosecute personal killings. We will prosecute murder for hire. We must get money out of murder.

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Coochie recipe, Aristophanes & Willie Dixon

There are a lot of things about us women
That sadden me, considering how men
See us as rascals.
As indeed we are!

I propose to women a way
to keep male legislators out of your wombs,
keep them out of your coochie.

No more coochie, men, until
you rescind the laws which limit
or ban contraception information
and supplies, remove unreasonable limits
on choice of whether to abort or not, and you
treat us as women not your little girls.

I deplore the word vagina, it
sounds acerbic. No gourmet would consider
it a delicacy with that name.

Now coochie.

Gon’ make these pretty women
Jump an’ shout,

says Willie Dixon.

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Food feeds thought.

This space used in the future to food information, perhaps helpful to folk, like me, who struggle to afford food.

I realize that we cannot depend upon government to provide for us, sometimes because it’s been high jacked by the rich and uncaring, sometimes inefficient, and sometimes it cannot afford more. Some say government suppose to protect freedom and nothing more. What say you?

Maybe a mix in differing proportions different times of all these, and more.

I have used this space for politics, for poetry, and whatever I felt at the moment. Food, shelter, clothing are necessary to work, politic, read or write poems, play, love, live.

So watch for forthcoming information, food for brain and belly.

saint satin stain

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New Form: double Glory

Weatherly wrote this double glory times as an improvisation on the blues line
“never muted heart,” the preamble to wally, an improvisation in several sections dedicated to Wallace Stevens and with allusions from The Man With the Blue Guitar,  with influences of rhythm and blues, jazz, and vocalese (respect to Eddie Jefferson, Betty Carter, King Pleasure, Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross, also Manhattan Transfer).

never muted heart
never muted heart
eclectic blues guitar

(C)2006 Thomas Elias Weatherly

něv    ər my       tĭd   härt

něv    ər my        tĭd   härt

ĭ   klěk  tĭk  blz   gĭ     tär


         truly alone muley
         knows truce death music
         never muted heart
         knows moody brute hurts
         human blows sound blues

(C)2006 Thomas Elias Weatherly

short history of the saxophone, Groundwater Press, Hudson NY, 2006

a x x b a x
x a x a x
x x a x c
x a x a c
a x b x a

tr      lē    ə    lōn    my       lē

nōz    trs     děth my       zĭk

něv         ər  my        tĭd       härt

nōz      m       dē     brt      hûrtz

hy      mən    blōz      sound blz

The rhyme begins at both ends and moves toward the center and back out toward the beginning and end. The poem written in syllabic prosody, a pattern of the number of syllables, deploys lines of the same number of syllables, with one exception. That one exception does not break the rule. The rhymes in the main pattern identical rhyme, true rhyme and assonance plays against two consonant rhymes heart/hurts.

The  phonetic depiction shows the musical nature of his composition. He is Tom Campian; he is not Ben Jonson, though he claims both.

(C)2011 Thomas Elias Weatherly

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I type and cuss

I read the stories of Repuglicans misbehaving in several states, not just in Alabama, I get pissed. I don’t mean drunk, even on my own spirit.

I type and cuss.

I cuss the electorate for electing these fools, except the Republican leaders are not fools; they know how stupid the electorate. They know that certain symbols of Christian magic can convince folk to vote against their own financial, health, and social interests.

What can I say?

Each day I awake and ask, do I move from Alabama? Only a masochist or fool would live here.

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Lire des poèmes à haute voix.

Lire des poèmes à haute voix.
Sentez-vous le changement de tonalité dans la bouche. Écoutez. Il est tactile et auditive.


i have means
at my disposal moons
never used until the tiger moans

bama mines
where i exhume grave omens
for whose gamic magic there no names

dark mānēs
conjure my cryptic menus
the son of woman i have many

Je ne peux pas traduire en français. Mes poèmes trop langue américaine à traduire maintenant, avec la syntaxe bizarre et idiolecte.

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And again white folk own up to reparations

And again white folk own up to reparations

as a title may attract some attention, wanted attention.

On first glance the apparent topic may attract attention because it seems racial, but I believe that all parentless children should be adopted is the message if you actually read it.

I believe that adoption by loving parents is the better way to take parentless children out of poverty of spirit and economic poverty.

It is a much better solution than government.

No matter how idealistic and implausible, it is a better solution than government if it were implemented.

Government becomes involved because folk don’t want to do the deed personally; they would rather do it by proxies.

Some of the left seem to like proxies too much.
Some on the right decry proxies, especially government ones, yet just do not personally do anything to alleviate suffering.

Some on the right just substitute religious organizations and non profits as proxies.

I want both to do something that requires real strength of character, personal sacrifice, father or mother an orphan.

Humans, especially the American ones, seem to prefer methods, procedures, and agencies to act as proxies. They personally don’t want to live beyond a self centered life.

We buy software to protect our kids from online predators instead of fathering and mothering our children.

Adoptions of children is the best way to aid children without parents, but requires a much larger sacrifice than a government program does. Government programs are easier for us to support, but they don’t work as well as families.

That this solution is not implausible is plausible; it is the likelihood that folk will do it is implausible.

If you read the piece you’d see that I do not actually believe in reparations for black children only, but for all fatherless and motherless children in this country.

the sensus literalis:There are other children should be in this reparation queue: older children, scrapple poor white kids, disabled, hiv, and kids in other categories who usually spend lives in orphanages or foster care.

It seems sometimes that some folk do not talk to what I say; they have an agenda in the general area of my discussion, but cite it instead of speaking to what I say.

One example was the person who wanted to rail against big government, so said in response to my reparations what I believe should be adopted by President Obama.

He or she wanted to satirize President Obama and attempted to high jack and extend my rant to government intervention.

Why not post a diary to that?

I did not propose or imply government involvement.

Please quote the portion that did.

In tech forums someone who introduces controversy where there is none to inflame is named a troll. They just want to flame the poster.

There is no illumination or refutation, or I say, no humor worth the effort.

Free speech is confused with the freedom to confuse and confound. It is permitted, yet represents not the best of political speech.

I really don’t like racial remedies to solve racial problems, mainly because both po’ whites and blacks were exploited and enslaved.

The one, brain washed in the blood of faux superiority, and the other chained.

Criticise what I write, but do it with some relevance and precision.

Elevate me from my ignorance or imprecision; illuminate
my life with your wit and wisdom.

I may believe that you are wrong;
I may admit that you are right when you are obviously right; but I will not believe that you are stupid and malevolent.

Do not tempt me.

I am not a nice person.

I grew up through struggle, though not as handicapped as many were, during a time when the south was more of what you appear to exhibit, my anonymous person.

I do not name you,
the synonyms are both profane and obscene.

I am definitely not a nice person.

You piss me off,
do not offer a perception to help me understand humanity and the universe more, and add evidence that there are too many fools.

I don’t want these associations in my brain.

I want to associate and communicate
with the humane sapient.

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Anita Hill and Justice Thomas fairytale

This hypothesis does not rise above rumor.

Justice Thomas and Professor Hill had an ongoing affair; neither one could  admit it then or now.

Professor Hill’s reputation and career would have suffered damage; she would not have a future career in law. Justice Thomas would not have been confirmed for the Supreme Court, and possibly face a politically connected vindictive wife.

Race would shake out as white wife versus black mistress.

I was told this version by three sources, one Democrat, and two Republicans; yet each of the sources have advantage to gain, they believe, to circulate a lie.  I have tried to examine if the known facts, not the accusations from both sides, fit the hypothesis.  I have not been able to confirm even a jot of it.

Two of my sources did not repeat the story after I said, I will publish your names to see if someone else offers confirmation. They remain mute and unfriendly. They threaten to sue. One threatened to sue even if I did this. That source has not sued. The third source is dead.

Has anyone else heard this hypothesis?

I don’t believe that either Justice Thomas or Professor Hill told the whole truth. I don’t believe that they were in an affair. Professor Hill does not seem to have such bad taste. Perhaps I like her, so she can’t, in my brain, choose such a person.

I like this as a made for television movie, but I don’t believe it happened. I don’t believe Justice Thomas’ version or Professor Hill’s version

I am in high dudgeon, of course, and high egoism.

If any person has documented evidence to contribute please arrange a meet with me.

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Who Should Manage Cyber Security?

Cult of the Dead Cow (Lubbock, TX) or Subliminal Insidious Network (Richmond, VA)  would be better than the NSA, DOD, Air Force, CIA, or any government agency, except, perhaps, the NIST. I trust CDC and SIN more. They also have the expertise. Both I suspect have some of the best security operators in existence. They are non government; although I also suspect that they may have members who have worked for government and corporations.

I must mention one weakness in our cyber security, the home users connected to the www. whose computers may be wielded as weapons without their knowledge. That last is the reason why transparency is necessary. The NIST is the best agency to coordinate ‘net security, with an advisory role for other interested agencies, including the intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

The reason I practice prescience paranoia about security is my concern about cyber security, and use good ‘net habits, in addition to a hardened system, best security applications, check on patches for all applications almost daily, including sandboxed surfing and e-mail. I learned these from the private sector, but with knowledge also from Berkeley Lab Procedures for  Securing  XP Systems.  There are many sources, but it would be necessary for one source for business, government, and home users for a serious cyber security.

I don’t believe that many other governments would trust the cooperation proposals from our intelligence agencies. I certainly would not trust their intelligence agencies. BUT I don’t even trust my intelligence agencies. They have spied on honest citizens for spurious national security reasons.

I trust CDC and SIN. They have cracked foreign networks. They have advised how to secure ours.
I recognize that it must be a government agency along with a private entity, say Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Princeton University, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Washington,
University of Wisconsin at Madison, or University of Texas at Austin. All excellent choices to work with NIST – and Cult of the Dead Cow and Subliminal Insidious Network.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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